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banana cream pie strain

Banana Cream Pie strain is a well-balanced, indica-dominant hybrid Strain. If you enjoy fruity strains that are sweet in flavor and scent, Banana Cream is sure to find a special place in your heart. Bursting with flavor and enticing aromas, fruity cannabis strains have been capturing the attention of connoisseurs for quite a few years now.

With familiar aromas reminiscent of fruits like lemons, grapefruit, banana, and more, uniquely delicious strains have become more desirable as smokers shift their focus from THC potency to flavor. But one of the great things about the Banana Cream strain is that it isn’t just delicious, it’s also very potent.

Banana Cream Pie Strain was created by the Oregon-based growing operation, Vagrant Farms. It’s a well-balanced hybrid, and the genetic background includes Banana OG and the Cookies and Cream strain. This bud is notorious among users for its incredibly delicious flavor – it tastes a lot like banana cream pie.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this unique strain. Smokers go mad for Banana Cream, and it often sells out quickly. With THC levels around the low to mid-twenties, this is an indica-leaning hybrid that is best for seasoned users.

The high from Banana Cream pie comes on with a creeping effect just a few minutes after you toke it. Smokers will be filled with a lifted sense of euphoria that leaves you feeling giggly and tingly. As these effects expand, users start feeling a building sense of relaxation that fills both the body and mind. Expect to be put into a slightly sedative state, but it won’t weigh you down if you decide you want to get up and get moving.

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